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cleansing compress drops


Cleansing Compress Drops

  • All Skin Types | Hydrating | Soothing | Antibacterial

    100% hand made, organic, natural skin care to gently detoxify, hydrate & calm the skin, body & mind.

    The art of compressing: Cleansing compress drops, also known as ‘comfort drops’, soothe the body-mind. Compressing works the lymph and the natural essential oils are antibacterial and anti inflammatory. If you have dry, sensitive or oily skin you will be inspired by the result of warm compresses… if you love the aromatherapy.. add them to your next hot bath.

    To Use: Add a  4-8 drops to a basin of warm water; using a fresh face cloth, compress the face and décolletage to soften fine lines, sleep creases, loosen blackheads + clear congestion.  Alternatively apply your favourite Rasasara serum or nourishing oil or balm & use the compress to infuse it deeply into your skin.

    Essential oils are inhaled directly & penetrate into the central mind channel where olfactory nerves generate nervous system responses to the rest of the body, the prana (a vata energetic) is stimulated & strengthened. Compressing is therefore a very powerful tool for those who are prone to operating from the sympathetic nervous system.

    Owing to their high essential oil composition, cleansing compress drops are not  for use directly on the skin  – instead they are diluted in water. The essential oils are blended and preserved with coconut fractions (so you also get the benefits of coconut oil).



  • Flat Postage Rate $12 Australia Wide 

    Free Delivery Over $150

    Free  Delivery within 5km Noosa Area during Covid _19

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