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Ayurveda meaning the “science of life” is an ancient holistic health system over 5000 years old offering a profound body of knowledge for understanding ourselves within nature and the seasons, helping us to achieve vitality, balance, wellness and ageless beauty.


Ayurveda recognises each person as an individual with a different body constitution. Everyone’s constitution is unique and personal, it's much like a fingerprint. Ayurveda is made up of the five basic elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth, and gives us insight into our tendencies (physically, mentally, and emotionally). As we flow through life we are influenced by our environment, diet, the seasons and climate, age and circumstance which can influence the balance of the elements within ourselves, which can affect our health, energy level and the way in which we interact.


Ayurveda can offer the rejuvenating self- care practices through daily rituals and resources for awakened living, recognising everyone has their own unique balance and healing will offer a different journey for everyone. Ayurveda at its root is a simple, practical science which promotes self-care & preventative medicine. By making choices that support our inner nature we can live harmoniously & in balance. Balancing the Mind- Body strengthens inner wisdom and opens pathways for healing leading to empowerment.

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