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located by noosa's beautiful river

H e l e n  B r u c e


Varnish Studio is a serene space for self-care, grounded in Ayurvedic principles, situated by the calm waters of the Noosa River in Noosaville, Queensland. 


Founder and Therapist Helen Bruce provides a one-on-one experience and a holistic approach to all treatments. Her focus is on enhancing your natural beauty while also nurturing your inner balance and promoting harmonious energy in your life. 


Originally founded as a private nail studio for manicures and pedicures, Varnish Studio has now evolved to embrace Helen’s non-toxic and Ayurvedic philosophy across all treatments, using natural products wherever possible. Treatments include manicures and pedicures but also massage, facials and Ayurvedic consultations.


Ayurveda is an ancient holistic science that promotes wellness, vitality and ageless beauty through healing and preventative medicine. Helen incorporates Ayurveda into treatments through her practices and products, and provides insights into daily rituals that you can introduce at home. She also offers Ayurvedic consultation sessions, assessing your personal health concerns and providing a personalised plan for rejuvenation through lifestyle, diet, herbs and therapeutic practices. 


All treatments at Varnish Studio are complemented by a hand-selected range of non-toxic nail products, organic Ayurvedic oils and skincare, and organic teas. These products are also available for purchase both at the studio and online. 


At Varnish Studio, Helen takes the time to understand the needs of each individual client, ensuring that you leave with a glowing external body, supported by inner health and happiness. 

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