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Easy Masala Chai Recipe

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

When I was studying Ayurveda, I would go to college twice a week for 18 months and each day my teacher would have a big pot of Chai brewing on the stove ready for us when we arrived in the morning.

I have to say looking back it wasn't the easiest time of my life, I pretty much over extended myself in every way. It was a stressful difficult time for me but at the same time absolutely life changing. I credit surviving those college days to my super supportive fellow students and our morning Chai. Still now when I put on my pot of Chai in the morning the smell of the spices brings back the feeling of calm and comfort and the support of those wonderful people.

As we are navigating around our new way of living, it is a pretty stressful time for us all individually and collectively, I find often the simple things prove to be the best to bring some calm and comfort for ourselves and our families. So I thought I would share how easy it is to make a real Ayurvedic Chai from scratch that was passed down from my teacher. It helps me everytime.

Only the good stuff without the powders, syrups and blends with added sugars generally available at the supermarket and cafe's. This Chai is perfect for Autumn and Winter or to balance Vata in times of stress – all you need is a saucepan and the ingredients below. Its also perfect if you’re wanting to cut down or give up coffee. I've added a brief description of the benefits of each ingredients too, it truly is healing .

Take the time to mindfully make, take in the spicy aroma and enjoy!

serves 2


  • 1 cup unhomogenised, full fat cow’s milk

  • 1 cup boiled water

  • 3 tsp jaggery or rapadura sugar

  • 1 tsp organic loose leaf black tea

  • Small piece of freshly grated ginger

  • 3-5 Green cardamom pods

  • 1 small cinnamon stick or bark

  • Pinch fennel seeds

  • 2 clove buds


  • Small saucepan

  • Fine mesh strainer

  • Spoon

  • Grater (for fresh ginger)


– Add a cup of water to saucepan, add all the spices, bringing spiced water to the boil. Reduce to a simmer. Leave to simmer and brew for a few mins (the longer you leave it the more flavour. However, more water will evaporate, so reduce to low-medium heat if you wish to leave it for a while).

– Add jaggery (or sugar of choice). Stir through briefly.

– Turn heat to high. Immediately add black tea and milk together at the same time. Stir through.

– Bring to a boil, turn off and take of the heat immediately.

– Take your chai off the heat, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Keep stirring occasionally prior to serving.

– Strain directly into your cups through your fine strainer.

– Sit down and enjoy the sweet healing Ayurvedic masala chai.

NOTE you can use a milk alternative, my partner is vegan so I often use Oat milk.

Heres a little extra information about the medicinal qualities of your Masala Chai

  • Fennel seeds help to pacify pitta . They’re used to relieve indigestion, gas, abdominal pain, burning urination, and stomach cramps.

  • Cinnamon enhances agni (digestive fire), aids digestion, curbs sugar cravings, sinus congestion, colds, and supports lymphatic function.

  • Green cardamom can aid indigestion, lymphatic function, colds, asthma, and detoxification. It refreshes the breath, and aids digestion.

  • Clove is a very heating spice, used to break up kapha. It helps to enhance circulation, digestion, and metabolism, while relieving symptoms of colds

  • Ginger is the ultimate spice for any Masala Chai has been used for many decades maybe centuries to treat digestive and respiratory diseases and increasing agni(digestive Fire). Fresh ginger is better for colds, coughs and nausea.


Helen x

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